Thursday, January 20, 2011

Funny moment in movies:)

ayat dia lawak....huhu..mmg nak ckp betapa 'suck' nye bende tuh

nih pon klaka...perasan jek..naseb baik dia mmg hensem..huhu

huhu...klu bole ckp nih dpn2 mmg best...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For cardigen lovers!!

I've been thinking what topic that i'm going to post in this blog tonight,and i got the idea about CARDIGEN...i've always LOVE CARDIGEN!!!...i mean you can mix and match with your you can always change your style to give different looks...and it's really useful when you're in hurry and you want to dress up the solution just wear your's enough to make you look decent yet rite???
so here are some of the cardigen that i would LOVE to have...huhu...i wish i can have all of them..they are all cute...(geram tengok tau)..i hope this can give you some idea of what kind of cardigen that you like when you are shopping for cardigen...ARE YOU READY??..huhu...ENJOY!!!!

1. Nih cardigen yg paling disukai dan nak dimiliki..cube tgk,dia striped,colourful....sgt funky n cute..warna dia cam lembut jek..first time tgk gamba nih mcm "ahhh,nak cardigen tuh"..rse nak tanye mane dia beli hah??.huhu

2. nih yg kedua paling disukai..kalau tgk btol2,dia corak bintang warna warnai...punyalah cute plus funky..adohai..jeles tau gua tgkk

3. yg nih dpt no 3...i luv this cardigen bcoz it looks chic and sophisticated...*tambah plak model tuh lawa,lagi la cardigen nih nmpak cantik..sgt suke dgn corak dia yg simple..from burberry...

4.yg nih dpt no 4....ape yg disukai psl cardigen ni dia ade corak2..dan corak2 dia sgt cool...leopard print gitu..warna biru pon best sbb cam warna dia cantik...papepon cardigen nih mmg lawa...from topshop..

5. yg nih dpt tempat ke 5 di hati sbb dia comel dgn polka dot dia...simple yer sgt funky...sesape pakai nih otomatik jadik cute punye..huhu

6. cardigen nih nmpak best sbb corak kotak2 dia...nmpak cam sophisticated pon ade..simple tp bergaya...from burberry

7. yg nih suke juz sbb dia ade batu2 tuh cam menyerikan lagik la cardigen nih...from guess

8.suke sbb dia ade corak...jarang sket jumpe cardigen corak2 camnih....leh pakai dgn baju kosong...dah cukup utk nampak bergaya:))

9.xtau nape tgk gamba nih tros suke...sgt stylish...hitam match dgn pape baju..klu bertudung mcm kite leh jek pakai dgn lengan panjang:))

10.nih pon jadik pilihan gak...seswai klu nak kuar jalan2 ke..nampak casual jek...

yg nih saje je upload sbb nmpk menarik jgk

teringin nak jaket camnih..huhu

Finally,I'm back:))

it's been a while since the last time i blogged...i'm currently in Kuantan doing my degree in MBBS..btw,i'm a UIA student...i was so busy back then in Kuantan...busy studying and also adjusting to the new environment...i never actually lived far from i really felt 'the absence'..especially my family..huhu..i miss them so much...i hope during this upcoming 3rd block,i'll have the time to be actively in blogging again...

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