Friday, April 30, 2010

Final Exam is next week

i can't belive that the short semester is going to an end...and that means this is last time i'll be studying there..though i usually complain about cfs pj(especially about the rules.i mean you cannot go out on weekdays and overnight outing card..urghh.i go home every week and i'm tired of getting the card signed by fellow every time i want to go home)..but i'll definitely miss that place..well,it's near my home and it's near to almost all cool shopping malls in KL..i will miss the time where my friends and i went to cinema watching every new movie released..and all of this will not going to happen in kuantan...but maybe this is good for me..i finally will be away from home..for the first time and for real..(terase seram sejuk)..i'm looking forward to go to the beach in kuantan later...but whatever it is,i still have time in here..and i'm going to make this moment to be remembered forever in my life..peace

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kenapa manusia semakin kejam?

Mayat wanita hamil reput ditemui
17/04/2010 5:34pm

KUALA LUMPUR 17 April - Mayat wanita hamil yang lengkap berpakaian ditemui dalam keadaan reput dan berulat di kawasan rekreasi Taman Tasik Perdana di sini, Khamis lepas.

Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur Datuk Wira Muhammad Sabtu Osman berkata mayat itu dijumpai orang awam yang kebetulan melalui kawasan terbabit kira-kira pukul 6.30 petang.

Siasatan awal mendapati mangsa dipercayai telah mati dalam tempoh enam hari akibat dijerut di leher dengan menggunakan sapu tangan, katanya ketika ditemui pada kempen derma darah peringkat Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Kuala Lumpur di Berjaya Times Square hari ini.

"Selain terdapat kesan mangsa dipijak di bahagian perut, pemeriksaan ke atas mayat itu juga turut menemui mayat janin berusia kira-kira 12 minggu yang dilihat keadaannya hampir terkeluar dari kemaluan mangsa,” katanya.

Muhammad Sabtu berkata, keadaan mayat yang reput turut menyukarkan polis untuk mengenal pasti bangsa dan identiti suspek.

"Tiada sebarang dokumen pengenalan diri pada mayat itu. Namun kita menemui seutas jam tangan berjenama Omega yang dipakai mangsa dan sebuah topi keledar di tempat kejadian,” katanya.

Beliau meminta orang ramai yang mempunyai maklumat atau kehilangan anggota keluarga supaya tampil membuat laporan di mana-mana balai polis berhampiran. - Bernama

p/s: inikah tanda-tanda akhir zaman?

what a cute song and video clip

She and Him-In the Sun

I saw this video on mtv..and i like the's so simple and calm which the type of song that i love...i try to download it,but it's not i just search it on youtube..i can listen to it over and over again..huhu

Friday, April 16, 2010

Islamic Medical ethics

I'm going to start searching materials for our group about medical ethics..and so far,this is what i just attract me to know what actually is the responsibility of doctors in Islam..Here are some of it..

1. The first main principle of Islamic Medicine is the emphasis on the sanctity of human life which derives from al-Qur’an:

"Whosoever saves a human life, saves the life of the whole mankind."

2. The second main principle is the emphasis on seeking a cure. This derives from a saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

"There is no disease that God has created, except that He also has created its

3. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in another narration, is also reported to have said:

"Seek treatment, for God the Exalted did not create a disease for which He did not create a treatment, except senility."

4. Some of the rules of Islamic medical ethics are :
  • Necessity overrides prohibition; that is, if there are certain items which are Islamically prohibited, under dire necessity they can become permissible.
  • Harm has to be removed at every cost if possible.
  • Accept the lesser of the two harms if both can not be avoided.
  • Public interest overrides the individual interest.
5.Thus, when a Muslim physician is making a decision about patient care, that decision should be in the best interest of the patient, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Further, that decision should not only be based on his/her own knowledge and experience, but as a Muslim, he/she has to consider the Islamic teaching in regards to the situation, but without imposing his/her religious views on the patient.

p/s : cerita ni mmg dah lari la sgt dr islamic ethics..haha...byk cite psl skandal doktor
xpayah la tgk~~~

Monday, April 12, 2010


when people say something that you like,it pleases you
but do they really mean it?

some people say things that hurt you
but do they even realize it?

when you hate some people and say "She's a b****"
but are they really that bad?

or when people look and smile at you,
but is there a hidden reason they actually smile at?

and when the world is harsh to you and it kills you
but does that make you a failure?

and when you want to give up and just surrender
but then why you still want to give your best shot in your life?

because you just take what people say about you as what it appears to be
because you don't bother whatever people say that can bring you down
because you don't simply hate people if you're not sure who she really is
because you just smile back at people no matter what reason they're smiling at
because you feel lucky to experience the journey that no one has ever been through...

because you are too significant to care of these pieces of crap...

because you're the only who one knows what you're doing...

because the only person that you can be is YOU..


Friday, April 9, 2010

credit to these photographers

i simply like to see fancy pictures whenever i'm online..i appreciate photography that potray the beauty of nature,the happiness of life and the reality of people...and i want to upload them here so it's easier for me to see them again...(mostly taken from guys are very talented...;-P

love the flying hair and the flying skirt

Live free..n just taste the snow..huhu


seriously,i want her hair...;-P

optical solution ~ (main tipu)

you don't always need puppets to make a show

hope the flower is meant for me,you little cute box..hoho

life is like a spinning ride,it's scary but it's exciting at the same time

i'm on twitter now!!!!

i dont know what to do and i just signed up twitter for fun...but i dont think my twitter account is going to be active..

if i am bored(like the way i feel now),maybe i'll update my twitter and check out the persons that i follow which are mostly celebrities(you guys must be saying "roza,you got way better things to do than just busying about other persons bussiness")..huhu..i know...

but i can't resist it..sometimes it's interesting to know what ur favorite celebrities are make you realise that they are all like us...a normal human being..but the difference is that--they are FAMOUS....

you can add me on twitter

p/s : twitter tuh busuk jek sebab buat pon saje2..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

if only i can have 'em now...

i'm starving ..and i'm too lazy to get down to cafe to eat..(plus i'm on budget)..and right now i'm craving for cakes...i 'll better buy them soon..huhu

chocolate moist~yummy

chocolate fudge ~ i just luv chocolate cake

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's a lot to think of (panjang woo)

1.First and foremost,I think I want to make extra income whenever I can...I probably have learnt a lot from my previous experience on selling items online and I never expected that it would be so much easier..

There was one day that a woman called me and we agreed to meet at Ampang Point so that I can hand over the item to her(she bought a book from me!)..From there I learnt how to communicate with was actually kinda fun coz we just chatted and we told each other about ourselves...Of course I was nervous at first(I have met 2 customers so far..chinese and Indian lady)..I don't know what I should say to them apart from discussing about the deal...and I definitely have to brush up my public relation skill..But I don't worry too much about it as there's always a room for me to grow and i hope i will have more customer so that i can meet them(please pray for me)..

it's kinda interesting actually coz i love meeting new people and see the different kind of character in gives me a whole brand new experience and it's a challenge for me to see the way I deal with different persons(believe me i have met a lot of people..and they are special a.k.a weird in their own way..people are just weird..including me..huhu),i'm thinking about expanding my bussiness(cewah)....i'm looking forward to make another blog on my bussiness(i'm still deciding whether to do it or not)..but i'll do it little by little..;)

2.Secondly,i'm thinking of what movies should i download..Suddenly i run out of idea and i'm too lazy to google which movies are great..hmmm..still thinking..haha..(that's bcoz i hav downloaded too many movies until i don't know which movies that i haven't download)..i dont know why i care so much bout them..
i mean i will download the latest movies and check out the movie rating(just to make sure i didn't download useless movies)..why did i do that?..bcoz i just simply love movies(the good one la)..especially the one which can inspire least i can learn something from it and feel less guilty for wasting my time...huhu

Thirdly,mid sem for ungs is next usual,i'll use the secret weapon...~last minute far all classes are fun and sleepy too(mostly)..

Fourthly,i wonder why i have so much time writing on this blog..the answer is...i'm doing short sem right i have so much time watching movies,dramas,facebooking,downlading,writing,talking,gossipping,blablabla...

i try to enjoy this time as much as i can coz i know once i enter kuantan,things are going to change completely..i heard that everyday your schedule is just so hectic and you can rarely go home(uwaa)..but my other friends are also studying far from their home..and they cope with why shouldn't i?(this question is purposely to calm me..haha)..

i must admit that i'm a little bit spoiled coz i go home every weekend(never missed a week,can u believe that?)..i miss home(i know what you're thinking..~stop being like a child and grow up) usual,it's already 2.28 am...i want to sleep but i have already slept this movies?..i already watched 2 movies just now(i can't watch another movie or else my head will explode) that's why i'm wasting my time writing on this blog..wahahahaahahah...
ok..i'm going to do something else..(it's so quiet here..and it's cold tonight)..bye..goodnite

Sunday, April 4, 2010

really enjoy watching glee!!

i started to watch glee on starworld and i immediately knew that this was going to be an exciting drama right after i watched the commercial..

So far,I have finished watching season 1 and it was awsomee!!!

Really can't wait for the next season...for those who don't know what the **** is glee..let me tell you guys about it...

Glee is a comedy drama series about a glee club in McKinley school a.k.a choir club...the problem is,all the kids in the school will make fun of whoever persons who join the glee club...
i remember that they splash a drink called 'squashy' to Rachel's face(i hate to see that part at first coz i thought "isn't that harsh and rude to do that?"..but after several episode,it's actually funny to see all the glee club member wearing rain coat to avoid being splashed...

Well,the reason i kinda like watching this drama is just because it's fun to see them sing and to see them dance in a group...i never actually like musical drama(like high school musical..uurrgghhh)..but this one is pretty cool..i love the songs in this series...they change the original song and make it different...

And another reason why i am watching glee is bcoz i don't have anything else to watch...haha..I have watched How I met your mother season 5(really funny sitcom i tell you),n several movies..(i don't watch korean drama),i just watch whatever drama that being aired on tv and luckily it's pretty funny....huhu..i admit,i am movie+tv+music hobby is to download any cool music+movie+tv and when i'm free,i watch and listen to them...that's a bad hobby actually...i can't get my works done because of it..

btw,if you're bored and have nothing to do,you can watch gle..its funny..and now its already 2.35 am..what the **** am i doing?..i'm going to bed...bye..

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