Sunday, October 11, 2009

Awsome shoes from Nine West

New sem is going to start and my shoes need to be replaced with the new one.My current shoe has worn out really badly and I wear it since sem 1.haha...i dont know but the shoe is extremely comfortable though...that's why I wear it for the whole 4 semesters...I dont have time to go to the mall,so I search some shoes online...and I kinda like Nine West...Unfortunately,I find the shoes are quite pricey(you know i'm a low-budget person)..but they are great..So,I'm pick my favourites and I hope I can buy them someday(that means I need to save money)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Watch out,blogging can be dangerous!!

I've written this blog to remind myself of the importance of monitoring my own computer usage.Lately,I got a terrible eye sore because of spending too much time in front of the computer.So I think we use computer everyday to blog,update facebook,finish works without realising it takes quite a toll on our lives.Whenever I sit in front of the computer with the intention of doing one thing,I end doing more than probably twenty other things too. Perhaps after thus,you can be extra careful and re-think when you've been sitting there for more than six hours.

Problems that may occur:


- I think everybody have experienced this problem.I usually have it when there's too much work to do and the dateline is just around the corner(i'm a last minute person.hehe).Reading pages by pages and clicking links by links and then edit words by words are mentally exhausting and can really give me a headache!


-This is a serious thing.One of the biggest misconceptions with sitting is that it doesn’t require any muscular effort. This is absolutely false. The back muscles are continuously working to maintain the body in an upright posture while sitting. And for those who sit in an office chair and work for long periods of time at a computer in a hunched forward posture, the structures in the back suffer considerable strain.

3)Eye Strain

Caused by staring at the monitor for a very long time.Eye strain is an ophthalmological condition that manifests itself through nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, red eyes, pain in or around the eyes, blurred vision, headache and occasional double vision.


Sometimes the hours during the day are not enough in order for us to finish our blogging activities, this is why most of us tend to work over time until midnight disrupting our regular sleeping pattern causing Insomnia.

Nice and affordable bags

I just went to Times Square this Sunday,hoping to find a nice,simple bag that i can wear during the classes and daily basis(with only RM 30 in my wallet).

My friends and I lingered around the places and there were stalls selling bags and other stuffs.There were many choices of bags of course,but you can tell they were made from Thailand or China,the kind that you usually see at pasar malam...haha...

but when I looked through all the stalls,they were not bad.I think if you have a look at them alertly,you may found the good one.I actually bought this black leather bags , medium-sized and guess what,it just cost RM19.90!.

The place is at the ground level if I am not mistaken.I purposely write this if there's anybody who wants to buy a bag with a budget RM20 and below(like me,hehe),you can check the place out.;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

cuti dah pon bermule

tanggal 4 Oktober 2009,pada pukul 12 tgh hari,akhirnye exam math yg paling digeruni telah berakhir justeru menandakan berakhirnye exam sem 4.huhu.lega betol la org semua sibuk beraye,kite sibuk bace dah habeh exam baru la nk beraye.ade sape2 yg bukak open house?...hehe..ingat2 la nk ajak tuh...skang ni dh cuti mmg nk relax btol...tuh ertinye nk tgk tv,online n tido puas2...ok....sebenarnye blog ni br dibuat...lepas ni dh cuti bole la update pape pun nk unpacking bag dulu...semlm br sampai..sebenarnye hari ahad tuh dh bole balik balik semlm sebab pegi la pegi shopping byk tol barang murah2...ok..tuh je setakat ni...back to work!

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