Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nice and affordable bags

I just went to Times Square this Sunday,hoping to find a nice,simple bag that i can wear during the classes and daily basis(with only RM 30 in my wallet).

My friends and I lingered around the places and there were stalls selling bags and other stuffs.There were many choices of bags of course,but you can tell they were made from Thailand or China,the kind that you usually see at pasar malam...haha...

but when I looked through all the stalls,they were not bad.I think if you have a look at them alertly,you may found the good one.I actually bought this black leather bags , medium-sized and guess what,it just cost RM19.90!.

The place is at the ground level if I am not mistaken.I purposely write this if there's anybody who wants to buy a bag with a budget RM20 and below(like me,hehe),you can check the place out.;)

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