Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here's another wicked illusion!

Watch looks like there's a floating cube..but it is not...See for yourself how your eyes can fool you...;)

This is one interesting article that i read about illusion just now..

Certain patterns confuse your eyes and brain, causing you to misjudge the size of a circle, or the length of a line. Though hundreds of optical illusions have been recorded and studied over the last century, people still do not agree on why these patterns cause errors in perception. Scientists are fascinated by illusions because, by figuring out how the eye and brain can be tricked, they can better understand the normal workings of the visual system.

As Purkinje(mcm Purkinje fibre plak), a noted 19th-century Czech physiologist, put it:

"Deceptions of the senses are the truths of perception.

Seeing isn't always believing!

Your eyes may see things that your brain doesn't understand.

Explore how and why you see optical illusions, and discover the many types created over time.

You will finally realise that they are a part of art, science, math and our everyday lives.

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cool gila weh benda tu! :D

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