Monday, April 12, 2010


when people say something that you like,it pleases you
but do they really mean it?

some people say things that hurt you
but do they even realize it?

when you hate some people and say "She's a b****"
but are they really that bad?

or when people look and smile at you,
but is there a hidden reason they actually smile at?

and when the world is harsh to you and it kills you
but does that make you a failure?

and when you want to give up and just surrender
but then why you still want to give your best shot in your life?

because you just take what people say about you as what it appears to be
because you don't bother whatever people say that can bring you down
because you don't simply hate people if you're not sure who she really is
because you just smile back at people no matter what reason they're smiling at
because you feel lucky to experience the journey that no one has ever been through...

because you are too significant to care of these pieces of crap...

because you're the only who one knows what you're doing...

because the only person that you can be is YOU..


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