Friday, April 9, 2010

i'm on twitter now!!!!

i dont know what to do and i just signed up twitter for fun...but i dont think my twitter account is going to be active..

if i am bored(like the way i feel now),maybe i'll update my twitter and check out the persons that i follow which are mostly celebrities(you guys must be saying "roza,you got way better things to do than just busying about other persons bussiness")..huhu..i know...

but i can't resist it..sometimes it's interesting to know what ur favorite celebrities are make you realise that they are all like us...a normal human being..but the difference is that--they are FAMOUS....

you can add me on twitter

p/s : twitter tuh busuk jek sebab buat pon saje2..


Anonymous said...

follow me. search:fazliyana

p.s.rsenye lah,search mcm 2.kte bt pon sje case klu twitter jd tumpuan rmai.n kte dh ad profilnye..

Roza said...

wan..apsal byk name fazliyana??..mane satu..

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