Friday, April 30, 2010

Final Exam is next week

i can't belive that the short semester is going to an end...and that means this is last time i'll be studying there..though i usually complain about cfs pj(especially about the rules.i mean you cannot go out on weekdays and overnight outing card..urghh.i go home every week and i'm tired of getting the card signed by fellow every time i want to go home)..but i'll definitely miss that place..well,it's near my home and it's near to almost all cool shopping malls in KL..i will miss the time where my friends and i went to cinema watching every new movie released..and all of this will not going to happen in kuantan...but maybe this is good for me..i finally will be away from home..for the first time and for real..(terase seram sejuk)..i'm looking forward to go to the beach in kuantan later...but whatever it is,i still have time in here..and i'm going to make this moment to be remembered forever in my life..peace

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