Friday, April 16, 2010

Islamic Medical ethics

I'm going to start searching materials for our group about medical ethics..and so far,this is what i just attract me to know what actually is the responsibility of doctors in Islam..Here are some of it..

1. The first main principle of Islamic Medicine is the emphasis on the sanctity of human life which derives from al-Qur’an:

"Whosoever saves a human life, saves the life of the whole mankind."

2. The second main principle is the emphasis on seeking a cure. This derives from a saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

"There is no disease that God has created, except that He also has created its

3. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in another narration, is also reported to have said:

"Seek treatment, for God the Exalted did not create a disease for which He did not create a treatment, except senility."

4. Some of the rules of Islamic medical ethics are :
  • Necessity overrides prohibition; that is, if there are certain items which are Islamically prohibited, under dire necessity they can become permissible.
  • Harm has to be removed at every cost if possible.
  • Accept the lesser of the two harms if both can not be avoided.
  • Public interest overrides the individual interest.
5.Thus, when a Muslim physician is making a decision about patient care, that decision should be in the best interest of the patient, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Further, that decision should not only be based on his/her own knowledge and experience, but as a Muslim, he/she has to consider the Islamic teaching in regards to the situation, but without imposing his/her religious views on the patient.

p/s : cerita ni mmg dah lari la sgt dr islamic ethics..haha...byk cite psl skandal doktor
xpayah la tgk~~~


nurul said...

assalamualaikum roza..
good3..sharing on islamic medicine..btw, roza tukar medic ea?

Roza said...

waalaikumsalam..a ah..kte tukar medic..huhu..insyaallah..harap2 bole la...thanx sbb bace...;)

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