Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's a lot to think of (panjang woo)

1.First and foremost,I think I want to make extra income whenever I can...I probably have learnt a lot from my previous experience on selling items online and I never expected that it would be so much easier..

There was one day that a woman called me and we agreed to meet at Ampang Point so that I can hand over the item to her(she bought a book from me!)..From there I learnt how to communicate with customer..it was actually kinda fun coz we just chatted and we told each other about ourselves...Of course I was nervous at first(I have met 2 customers so far..chinese and Indian lady)..I don't know what I should say to them apart from discussing about the deal...and I definitely have to brush up my public relation skill..But I don't worry too much about it as there's always a room for me to grow and i hope i will have more customer so that i can meet them(please pray for me)..

it's kinda interesting actually coz i love meeting new people and see the different kind of character in people..it gives me a whole brand new experience and it's a challenge for me to see the way I deal with different persons(believe me i have met a lot of people..and they are special a.k.a weird in their own way..people are just weird..including me..huhu)..so,i'm thinking about expanding my bussiness(cewah)....i'm looking forward to make another blog on my bussiness(i'm still deciding whether to do it or not)..but i'll do it little by little..;)

2.Secondly,i'm thinking of what movies should i download..Suddenly i run out of idea and i'm too lazy to google which movies are great..hmmm..still thinking..haha..(that's bcoz i hav downloaded too many movies until i don't know which movies that i haven't download)..i dont know why i care so much bout them..
i mean i will download the latest movies and check out the movie rating(just to make sure i didn't download useless movies)..why did i do that?..bcoz i just simply love movies(the good one la)..especially the one which can inspire people...at least i can learn something from it and feel less guilty for wasting my time...huhu

Thirdly,mid sem for ungs is next week..as usual,i'll use the secret weapon...~last minute study...huhu..so far all classes are fun and sleepy too(mostly)..

Fourthly,i wonder why i have so much time writing on this blog..the answer is...i'm doing short sem right now..so i have so much time watching movies,dramas,facebooking,downlading,writing,talking,gossipping,blablabla...

i try to enjoy this time as much as i can coz i know once i enter kuantan,things are going to change completely..i heard that everyday your schedule is just so hectic and you can rarely go home(uwaa)..but my other friends are also studying far from their home..and they cope with that..so why shouldn't i?(this question is purposely to calm me..haha)..

i must admit that i'm a little bit spoiled coz i go home every weekend(never missed a week,can u believe that?)..i miss home(i know what you're thinking..~stop being like a child and grow up)...as usual,it's already 2.28 am...i want to sleep but i have already slept this evening...watch movies?..i already watched 2 movies just now(i can't watch another movie or else my head will explode)..so that's why i'm wasting my time writing on this blog..wahahahaahahah...
ok..i'm going to do something else..(it's so quiet here..and it's cold tonight)..bye..goodnite

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